Premium Manhattan Apartments – Notting Hill & Clayton Security Systems

In today’s world, the moment you buy something good, you start being concerned about the security of that thing. Safety in today’s world is indeed a great concern. So, if you are living in one of the Kolkata premium apartments, investing in a home security system will be a wise step

A security system makes you feel safer and you can move around easily. The burglars do not even target the apartments that are protected by a functioning security system. Even if anybody tries to enter one of these apartments by force, the chance of a mishap is negligible. They will get caught instantly. Our website provides info about Manhattan Apartments – Notting Hill & Clayton.

The technology is so advanced that these security systems can send alerts to your phone mentioning the necessary actions you can take to protect your valuables. But do these systems only protect you from burglars?

Most of the top ranked security systems protect the user from natural calamities and medical emergencies as well. This way you can derive multiple solutions from just one security system. It sounds reassuring, but there are so many of these systems.


In order to understand which one will be the perfect pick for your luxury residential apartment, you must learn about your options in details.

Security system: Monitored

This system is a kind of a home alarm system. It is linked to a response station that monitors your apartment. The system has several alarms attached to it. Whenever the alarms go off, your service provider will receive signals of intrusion.

At once, the control panel of the system send alerts to your mobile phone informing you of the intrusion. The service provider will call the intercom in few seconds and ask for the passcode verification. If the verification fails, the response station will at once send over the police to your apartment.

The rental fee of this system is collected monthly. You can choose the length of contract for these kinds of system.

Security system: Non-monitored

A less expensive system will be the home system which is not monitored real-time. It is not linked to a monitoring station. That is why the cost is less.

Most of the home security systems are these non-monitored systems. It has a siren and a flashlight attached to the exterior of your apartment. Some of these systems allow to set its dial to the local police. This way, the police gets alerted as soon as the intruder is detected.

This way you save your monthly fees. Just remember before setting it to dial the police that if a false alarm is raised, the police will fine you.

No matter which type of security system you choose for yourself- you must tally the pros and cons of these systems properly and arrive at a decision. Most Kolkata premium apartments follow some security system or the other. These will provide you with a sense of security and you will be able to sleep in peace.

Security systems are indispensable for any apartment. Check the system thoroughly before you sign up for any apartment.