Online marketing coaching-Basics

An internet marketing coach will teach you the 5 basic concepts of internet marketing and how to implement them.

1- Keyword Research

2- Search Engine Optimization

3- Social Syndication

4- RSS Syndication

5- Providing Value

Keyword Research

A solid internet marketing coach will surely show how and why keyword research is the foundation of any profitable and sustainable online business. Since online commerce is built on search, keywords are the key to being “found” on the net. If you have not learned this first step in marketing online, you will find yourself to be a lonely stranger and unrecognizable to success in your effort. Our website provides info on  Online marketing coaching

Search Engine Optimization

A good internet marketing coach will show how to use your newly found skill in keyword research to reach the search engines in article, blog and other web 2.0 platforms as you cast your “net” into the cyberspace world. A solid plan for SEO will offer location and frequency for keywords in your content no matter where you publish that will work to bring in traffic that is qualified and ready to buy.

Social Syndication

Social Syndication will be another plan introduced to you by internet marketing coach and you will learn that social syndication can be much like the online water cooler at the office you are trying to escape. The idea is to drop by and leave a note for your friends but not to tarry so long that the boss catching you there more than once a day. Get your message out and be gone. Hanging around the social sites and spreading your links to much will get sand boxed by Google and you will only be hurting yourself.

RSS Syndication

Your internet marketing coach will surely show you the advantages to learning to leverage the world of RSS. Really Simple Syndication is popular with the bots and so should it be popular with you. A good plan, provided to you should leverage your efforts with at least five fold return. That is to say, is you make five submissions, you want to be able to get a return of at least 25 links, from high PR directories that give you quality traffic.

Providing Value

Not only will an internet marketing coach provide value to you, he will teach you to provide to others. Value is what success in internet marketing is built upon. No value = no return visitors or buyers. Don’t provide value and you make no money.