Cloud Development Miami Servers

For the companies that don’t have a private cloud in place to spin up & spin down servers on the fly, the public cloud can offer some significant advantage as development servers. Development servers typically don’t have high uptime requirements. If a development server crashes, or is unavailable, it inconveniences the development team, but doesn’t have an enterprise-wide impact. For that reason, the public cloud offers a good option for developers that may need to spin up servers for testing different instances & situations over a short period of time. Feel free to find more information at Cloud development Miami .

For regression testing of an application or piece of code, where a number of different test scenarios need to be run on the latest code build, the ability to spin up 100’s or 1000’s of preconfigured test servers is particularly powerful. With the unlimited bench of computing resources in the public cloud, and no particular availability, security or compliance requirements, the public cloud can take an overnight regression test and run across a number of servers in minutes. Public cloud hosting like Amazon’s EC2 and Microsoft’s Azure are ideally suited for developers that want to control every aspect of the server design. They provide API’s into the cloud to program server spin-ups and spin-downs – so scripting a regression test environment can work well for the programmers that are comfortable with the programming requirements of these public cloud solutions.Other public hosting solutions like Rackspace and Terremark don’t have the same level of API’s – but do have “by-the-hour pricing” so servers can be turned on & turned off as needed in the development process.